Mr. Motseki Khuto – Director of Health & Environment

Biography: Motseki Khuto came to Maseru City Coucil after nearly 4 years of service to ABC company. At MCC he developed many unique administrative programs that relied on the impact of emerging technologies on the communication process. Before joining MCC he directed undergraduate and associate degrees at National University of Lesotho and IDM College. He is a Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication, as well as a former board member and director-sponsor, and has received numerous awards for his contributions to the profession.

Duties and functions of the department

The Department of Health and Environment, (former department of public Health) is the custodian of the public health in the City. It ensures compliance to basic Public Health requirements, as well as other related legislation.

Business Units
Prevention of food-borne diseases, through:

  • Ensuring food hygiene and safety
  • Inspection of business premises for licensing
  • Ensures compliance to basic Public Health requirements, as well as other related legislation.
Prevention of waste-related diseases through:

  • Solid waste management
  • Collection and control of indiscriminate disposal of industrial sludge
  • Management of Health Care Waste
  • Management of problematic conservancy tanks and toilets
  • Pest Control
Ensures quality Primary Health services, i.e. provision of:

  • Curative services
  • Ante-natal care
  • Growth monitoring of under 5s
  • Immunization of under 5s
  • Voluntary counseling and testing
  • Prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT)
  • HAART services
This section embarks on educating different levels of communities on health issues, as well as promoting Health for all. The services include, but not limited to

  • School health
  • Investigation and control of out-breaks
  • Coordination of support groups
Ensures health and safety at workplaces such as:

  • Factories
  • Various commercial premises
  • Ensures compliance to basic public health requirements at workplaces
Responsible for management of market stalls and all designated street vending areas. Included are:

  • Inspection for validity of market permits
  • Inspection for validity of food handlers certificates
  • Control of street vendors from designated areas
  • Sessions with market and street vendors