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About Maseru City Council

Maseru City Council (MCC) was declared as a local authority in 1989 under the Urban Act of 1983, as a testing —ground for urbanization and Municipal management in Lesotho. Since 1999, it was functional without a Council (local elected leaders) and this greatly undermined its effectiveness in service delivery.In addition to its ineffectiveness and inefficiency, the rapid urban growth has served to defeat proper and sustainable management of the urban environment. In 2005, a new Council was established under the Local Government Act of 1997, as amended in 2004. this Act established local authorities in the country among others.

The mandate of MCC is to contribute to the achievement of environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive urban development and management. The general duties and powers of MCC are derived from paragraph 32 of the Local Government Act of 1997 as amended in 2004.

A vibrant, innovative and people centered city committed to sustainable environment

Maseru Municipal Council strives to provide accessible quality services and to promote local socio-economic growth and development in meeting the changing needs of the communities through innovative leadership and good governance.